Essential Oils For Dogs

Essential Oils for Dogs

As an expert in dog behavior modification, I have used essential oils extensively for years. I loved them so much, I began exploring health and emotional benefits for myself, friends and family.  Now,  want to give you the same blessings of knowledge, health and well-being by exploring with you the benefits of essential oils for your pet’s emotional, nutritional, and overall well-being.

At this stage of my life I am working on my walk with God, becoming more focused on my personal goals for life and relationships.  I want to help people learn safe and effective use of essential oils for their dogs — in a complete wellness solution, not just training.    This has evolved into Animal Aromatherapy using Essential Oils for Dogs,  K9 Nutrition, and Animal Reiki & Energy Work as well.  It’s an area I study every single day.

I am looking forward to being your wellness consultant!

Dana Brigman is an expert dog trainer specializing in wellness, behavior modification and obedience.  Certified in aromatherapy for animals, Reiki, and a consultant for Volhard Dog Nutrition:

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