What Protein Do I Feed

We’ve covered this a little bit along the way. But there are more things to think about. In the coming weeks, I’ll spend some time talking a little bit more about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and how you make more specific protein choices.

No protein source is completely off limits. But some will be better than others and it may change as your dog moves through various life stages.

You need to look at protein sources for the % of protein they bring to the table. With fresh meat you look at it on a pound for pound basis… example, Venison or Deer meat is one the leanest protein sources. It’s also a “hot” protein accordingly to TCM. Which means for some dog it’s like pouring gasoline on a fire to their internal systems.

So unless your dog is a performance athlete burning through lots of protein needs you probably don’t need Venison daily. If your dog’s system is also “hot” *restless, difficulty learning, seemings hot even when it’s freezing around him, pants for no apparent reason, etc) then this would be the wrong protein source.

Protein Sources may also need to change seasonally, Example summer is the season of fire. It’s the time we often see red-hot skin in our dogs — this may be a season in which he cannot tolerate the same protein you’ve always fed him.

You may find that you can shift once the dog is “back in balance”. Though many people are afraid to switch once they find one that “works”. The issue then may become is that you literally shift your dog from a “hot” dog to a “cold” dog because didn’t find balance.

Once the dog is in balance you can vary protein sources a bit more fluidly between hot, neutral, or cool for a little variety.


Now let me back up for a second and discussion the % of protein in a kibble bag — that % is based on the total bag, not % of protein in the pound of food. So keep that in mind.

Some people are jumping all around to interesting protein sources like Kangaroo because they think their dog is allergic to everything else….


Chicken is also a HOT or warming food
Salmon is considered warm or neutral depending on who you ask — but I have seen many dog’s do better when the salmon is modified to white fish.

Beef is neutral

White fish is colling as is rabbit.

We’ll dig deeper into this soon — and also non-protein sources that can offer hot/neutral/cooling benefits

I bring this up to you now because I want you to evaluate your dog’s health in relationship to behaviors you may not have every considered being connected.

In your wellness consultation with me we can review this and help give you some information to make decisions about protein sources.