I never really understood this in my early adult years. Let’s face it — I had bad food habits and not a lot of nutrition.

At a dog’s trainer’s conference in 2013 I heard Wendy Volhard speak about nutrition for dogs. There were things I took notes on like “hot” dogs and the fact that bloat (gastric torsion) was really unheard of, certainly not common until the introduction of kibble, and that like heals like.

It was a bunch of notes that took me another 2 years to have some ah-ha moments and decide there really was something to nutrition and it’s effects on behavior.

It’s been through learning more about k9 nutrition and seeing some amazing changes in my person dogs and clients dogs that I finally decided to make some personal changes — and to learn as much as I can to share with others.

So no matter where you are in your wellness journey with your dog know that there may be lots of options to consider.

I’m happy to help you anyway I can.