Grain Free Food

My thoughts on the Taurine deficiency issue with grain free foods and heart health…..

Years ago as a new foster home, I was still feeding IAMS. It was nearly 20 years ago — and yes, my age is showing!

At the time, the rescue director was educating everyone to switch to grain-free food, and therefore we all educated adopters to go grain free. Made sense overall — in that you typically wouldn’t see a dog looking for oats and breads out in the proverbial “wild”.

What none of us ever stopped to ask was about overall nutrition necessary for a healthy dog. Most everyone trusted the manufacturers to balance the diet. But we never questioned if by pulling out an ingredient would it be replaced in another way.

Today, I do lots more research before I make decisions and share opinions. It’s still a learning process every day — but I’m far more educated than I used to be — and I actually question things a lot more.

I saw many Danes including my own die at young ages from DCM. Now I know so much more about nutrition as a mean to health and wellness and

Did you know that taurine is found in fresh beef? Sardines? Salmon? Dark Meat Chicken? Eggs. Oats? To name a few.

This is another awesome reason to consider feeding fresh real and raw foods. Wendy Volhard has long said healthy grains (oats, millet) were needed to support healthy thyroid function in our dogs. And includes some grains in the base mix. When you add in fresh meats and follow the feeding guidelines — taurine deficiency isn’t a primary concern.

If you’re preparing home prepped meals you need to be sure you “balance” the diet with proper nutrient, vitamins and minerals. Buying supplements can start to get really costly when you buy them 1 supplement at a time.

Even if you stick with grain free foods (and no one thinks we should go back to all that corn and wheat products ) — unfortunately many “added-in” vitamins and minerals to commercially prepared diets are synthetic. Synthetic is better than none — but most exits the back end unabsorbed. You can a good supplement Taurine — but you can add real foods rich in taurine as well.

You have a lot of reasons to consider changing your dog’s food. I chose Volhard for convenience (Less grocery shopping, measuring, calculating, preparation), trust, quality, testing and results, and Wendy’s extensive knowledge — and after all is said an done — it really is not more expensive.

Let me help you work through any questions you have about starting to transition your dog to new food choices and supplement options if you need them. Happy to talk you through a wellness consultation — full cost credited back to your account if you become a Volhard client or Young Living Client on my team within 2 weeks of your consultation.