Detox Cleansing Diets

There are a number of reasons to consider doing a detoxifying nutritional cleanse for your dog.

Now you may not want to jump into a liver cleanse or a kidney cleanse if your dog has disease associated with those organs, unless you have veterinary or professional supervision.

But in general, much the same way we humans do periodic cleanses, we may want them for our pets.

As an example, the liver is an important waste management system. And sometimes we overload the waste management system and it may not function optimally. This can be a result of poor nutrition, environmental toxin load, vaccines, antibiotics, anesthesia to name a few.

Vaccines and antibiotics along with environmental factors can take a toll on the liver. So we want to do a clean-up where we can, and then take steps to support the body when we are going to have procedures done.

There are also essential oils and homeopathy options to help detox and support organs of the body — including emotional support. I will introduce specific ideas with oils and homeopathy for you in a separate post.

Similar influence can occur in the kidneys.

Dr. Jean Dodds has liver and kidney cleansing diets available for you to review. I’ll add them to the files section of our group.

Once again, as we go into Traditional Chinese Medicine you’ll start to learn that anger & aggression live in the liver. Fear and Anxiety live in the Kidneys. The Liver affects our eye health. And The kidneys affect our ears.

I know it sounds confusing — but it will start to make sense in time — especially if you have a dog that you start working with on these subjects for a wellness plan.