Like Supports Like

This one is interesting yall. It’s about feeding organ to support your dog’s organs.

Basically what it means is that if your liver needs support, feed the body liver from healthy sources.

Kidney health — feed kidneys.
Brain health — you get the idea

And the fact is that the younger the organ is, the more effective using that organ meat will be. Now, I know that’s concerning for many people when we think about young farm animals being used to feed our pets. I’m just sharing the info.

Dr. Jodies Natural Pets is a great source of organ meat treats if you’re looking to supplement organ meat into your diet.

Remember — organ meat should be <5% of a total diet. (When we get into more about essential oils and homeopathy you'll learn more about like supports like and things that have "an affinity" to the things it will support. Stay tuned.