The K9 Coach Mission

The K9 Coach mission is a restored  life for dogs as members of a forever family.  

img_00222“My dream is that one day we will no longer have a need for dog behavior training to rehabilitate dogs” – Dana B

The K9 Coach Mission drives our work everyday.  Over 10,000 dogs die each day in shelters.  4.5 Million Dogs a Year.   Most before they are 2 years old.  Many more are rehomed or surrendered to rescue groups. Many are simply abandoned to meet their own fate.

Issues cited are often issues that could have been prevented or corrected with very basic dog obedience training and knowledge. Some more complex issues could be resolved with balanced training while many positive trainers are now refusing to take on aggression cases at all.

Despite a growing number of rescues and efforts across the country, this problem is not getting better. Training is often not sought out until their is a big problem.

Families continue to struggle with a lack of knowledge and experience.   People continue to make mistakes in understanding their dogs. Yet, information is available everywhere — it’s just not being heard.

Don’t give up your dog. Don’t’ give up on yourself.   There are training solutions for everyone. Most of all, don’t make any decision about your dog’s future without having tried balanced professional training first.

I create training solutions for the dog and owner to partner together.   I create solutions to rehabilitate dogs place and/or keep them  in forever homes.

Give us a chance to help you give your dog a chance…..