Essential Oils For Dogs

Essential Oils for Dogs

I am skeptical.

About a lot of things.   And essential oils were no different.  Especially essential oils for dogs!  You know the whole “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.   Or here comes some work from home sales pitch wanting me to buy something.

Well, I’ve had a change of heart.  At least about essential oils for dogs, and myself!

When I began fostering dogs in 2001, I started using lavender on the bedding and collar of anxious dogs.  I mean, we all have heard lavender is soothing and relaxing, even to babies.

I progressed to adding chamomile tea to a dogs water to further help calm them when they were stressed.    Later I was turned on to Rescue Remedy® and later Storm Stress®.  I have used them all liberally over the years and never thought much of it.

About 3 years ago, I was at a dog trainer’s conference and met a vendor selling holistic essences and potions targeted at helping dogs with anxiety, trauma, pain, etc.   I was skeptical about them.

I went home and was working with a dog that I just couldn’t reach a breakthrough with.   A dog that would literally panic when she saw another dog out in public.  A dog that screamed in terror — didn’t bark, didn’t growl, didn’t cry, but screamed.   Even though her obedience was really strong — we had plateaued.

So I called the vendor I met at the dog trainer’s conference and asked for help.  We chatted for almost an hour as she diagnosed what I’d need.    She impressed me (or I was gullible) so I brought up another dog who was very fearful and had been dealt a rough start to her life and also seemed to be stuck moving forward.  If there was hope for her to live a fuller life, I wanted it.   It would be unfair of me to not try.

She sent me some drops, spritzes and balms.  They all smelled wonderful.  And I started using them daily.  A unique recipe for each dog.

I swear to you in about 2 weeks, there was a change in the dogs!  A great positive change in their behavior and a break through the the dog who panicked.   Awesome.

I mentioned it at a trainer’s conference to so peers who scoffed and said it was placebo effect.  Hmmm.  Maybe so.

And then, I didn’t really do much more with the potions.   I went back to my lavender & chamomile when needed.  I recommended it to many people in rescue with stressed out dogs.


Fast forward to April 2015 and I was invited to a home party selling essential oils.  Oh boy, here we go again.  I have to buy something because I was invited to this party.   And yes, I was still skeptical about going.

Uh, oh, something unexpected happened.  As I listened intently, it sounded amazing.   Too good to be true?  Maybe.   Asked some questions about using the products with dogs which really was not their area of expertise.  Though the company did have a kit for animals*

I left without buying anything.

I came home, read a bit more to see if I could find answers to my questions.   Studied the multitude of oils they had — dozens of them to my surprise.  Oils targeted at health, well-being, anxiety, etc.   I discovered one of my cousins was using the oils on her son with CF, and another friend using on her child with medical issues as well.

People were telling stories of success.  People I knew.

I went to another party for more information.   They had the machine called a Zyto scanner.  And oh boy did this really set off my skeptic meter.  I mean come on — how is a machine you put our palm on going to figure out anything about what oils you need for health and well-being.   I mean I don’t tell anyone my feelings — how’s a machine going to know.

So this machine does it thing and comes back with several suggested oils and supplements that I need.   Well, sure it does.  They want me to buy something.  So it has to diagnose something….

Wait a minute.   The things it pointed out — there was no way it could have known that was a medical issue I have or my what my thoughts and feelings are.   My cousin and her daughter were there and their list was completely different and yet accurate for them as well.  This can’t be real.

So, I”m far less skeptical.   But will always have a healthy dose.

But, I’ve started studying more.  I ordered the starter kit of essential oils and 2 other products it recommended about me personally.    I also came home and put some product on a dog here who was a little anxious and I swear it worked — fast!

I still have some research and study to do.  A lot of research.  I’m actually going to really dig into learning more about the use of essential oils for dogs.  I hope to become an expert.

I’ll let you know if the new oil I’m using on myself helps adjust my own state of mind.

Interested in learning more about essential oils for dogs or yourself.   Contact me and we’ll get it done together.

Ask me about essential oils for your dog or yourself!
Ask me about essential oils for your dog or yourself!


Note:  I am not actively trying to sell anything….. my goal truly is to find ways to help the dogs live their best lives!  It’s not about the sales.


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