Essential Oils for Dogs: Raindrop

The Essential Oil Raindrop Technique  for Dogs

The original Raindrop Technique was developed by D. Gary Young of Young Living.   Over time it has been adapted by many for use in animal care.

The technique utilizes therapeutic grade essential oils along with a feather stroking massage and Vita Flex points to restore emotional and physical balance to the body.

There is a collection of 7 primary oils, that many will find controversial in and of itself.  You should never use oils that may contain solvents, alcohols, synthetics, or potentially hazardous carrier oils like castor oil.    Young Living oils can be trusted.

The oils include:

Depending on the therapeutic goals of the raindrop, 1-2 additional oils may be layered into the process.   These oils need to be applied in a certain order.   Oils may need to be diluted depending on dog size.   (Horses love this technique as well)

Find the Raindrop Technique  can offer amazing benefits including:

  • emotional and state of mind support
  • muscular and joint support
  • immunity support
  • respiratory support
  • detox after vaccines, medications or surgical procedures
  • overall well-being.

I like to combine The Raindrop Technique with Reiki, accupressure & a technique called conditioned relaxation.

If you’d like to schedule a Raindrop session for your dog, I’d be delighted to help you.  And teach you how to continue them at home.