Essential Oils for Dogs: Getting Started

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by essential oils when you first begin.

overwhelmed by essential oils

I was totally overwhelmed by trying to figure out which oil went with what supportive need.  I’d read something, and it would suggest a handful of oils and blends I didn’t have yet.  I didnt know which oil to buy next.  And I didn’t know how to maximize what I was buying in the rewards program.

What to Order:

  • Prioritize your goals.  Most people have some area of interest they want to address.   Maybe it’s relieving stress, sleeping better, having more energy, reducing joint pain, and a host of other ways to improve their lives.  From there ask (me) what oils or products would be recommended.
    • There are beneficial opportunities for you & your family, kids too, and even your pets.
  • The starter kit gives you a great beginning of 11 essential oils!  You can mix and match and generally find something in the starter kit that will give you a starting benefit to your goals.
  • If a blend is recommended that you don’t have yet, look at the ingredients of that blend and use any of the oils you already have to get started.
  • Order from your goals list as your budget permits…

Getting Bonus Products:

  • But if you can manage a $50 per month commitment — Join Essential Rewards
  • It took me almost a year to join Essential Rewards.  So I pretty much wasted a fair amount of free product and points.
  • Essential rewards requires a member to buy $50 (PV) each month for 11 months of the year.  Shipping costs are reduced for ER members as well.  But depending on how much you spent you get lots of incentives.   Example this month (January 2017) I got almost $280 worth of free products!   I did spend about $300 getting some products I wanted and some samples to share with others and a give-away for an upcoming class.   But really that’s a huge giveback.
  • And I earned PV points — so they accrue based on what you spend and how long you have been in the ER program.   It’s 10% for your first three months in program and up to 25% if you stick with it — and free gifts along the way.


No Requirement to Sell

  • But you will want to at least consider it!
  • Your commission could get you lots of free product and a paycheck.
  • It’s a great company, great product, easy to do
  • And you get to work from home, flexible schedules, build relationships
  • We all want better options for health and well-being, less chemicals and more — products sell themselves.
  • Income Opportunities are seriously BIG
    • and you can achieve a “willable income”.  Meaning if you die, your income would be willed to others of your choosing for their life!
  • and much more….