Essential Oils for Dogs: Aggressive Behavior

Can Dog Aggression Be Improved With Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

The short answer is  yes, in many cases.  And it’s certainly worth a try.

In my dog training business, I have worked with aggressive dogs for many years.   Everything from bratty behavior to resource guarding and dogs with serious intention to cause harm.    I’ve always had good solid results with training.

But when I added essential oils & nutritional changes to my training program, results got even better.

I do a lot of research.  I’m always looking for new information and techniques that could help solve problems.  You can only imagine my fascination when aggression was brought up in aromatherapy.   It had really never occurred to me that some how I could help my aggressive dog training clients with essential oils.

We’ve always understood that essential oils have aromatic and therapeutic benefits on emotions.   We know that high quality essential oils can reach the limbic  system and help us (and animals) to release stored emotions.  But the aggression piece is a bit complicated than that.

You see, the liver, a key system of waste management in the body, is a contributing factor to some aggressive behaviors.   Now I’m not telling you this is a cure-all.  There is NO assumption that an anointment of essential oils will stop your dog’s aggressive behavior in it’s tracks.  It is but one part of helping your dog get his mind and body back into balance.

You see, our pets are exposed to many toxins in the environment and in what he eats.   Kibble is a daily ingestion of processed foods.  Much like fast food at McDonald’s.   Topical pesticides are often added to your dog’s body monthly.  And you may have other toxins in your home — cleaners, air fresheners, laundry soaps, shampoos, fabric sprays, etc — all that may contain toxic chemicals being absorbed into your dog’s body.   And let’s not forget vaccinations, potential over-vaccination in rescue dogs, or even standard vaccine schedules.   And medications that may have been used to treat illnesses or injuries.

These things can build up in the waste management system of the body making it hard to do it’s job.

An angry liver can make any of us feel grumpy and attitudinal.  Even you.   When I learned about this, I thought about how I was feeling myself.  Frustrated with so many things, fly off the handle attitude, annoyed with nonsense, and angry over things that really didn’t matter.   So I did a personal detox myself, for about 3 weeks.   I didn’t tell anyone about it.   And yet, people who know me started to comment on something being different.   They couldn’t pin point what it was, but something energetically was different.   In a few weeks, I even felt differently and the things that typically drove me crazy no longer did.    So now, I do a detox a couple of times a year and try really hard to keep my diet in check, and of course keep my essential oils in use.   It works in a very similar way for dogs and people.

Sometimes, we need a liver detox.  We need to clean up the environment of what’s around us and going into us.  Add back nutritional foods in a balanced diet.  And we need to help flush the systems of our body, clear receptor sites so the good stuff can get in better, support our cells, and help the body do it’s job a best as it can.

It won’t forgo training.   Because many dogs with aggressive behavior have learned how to use their behavior to get an end result.  But I have seen the detox and system clean-up make a huge improvement.  And when paired with good dog training skills and rehab work — the results are solid.

Today, all aggression cases & cases with any level of emotional distress are required to get a medical workup for sudden onset aggression,  improve nutritional quality, go through a detox process using essential oils, homeopathic remedies, and then use our essential oils to support systems of the body and emotional balance.

The detox often includes essential oils:  Ledum, YLang Ylang, Juvaflex among others.  Supplements including Detoxzyme or homeopathy remedies may be used as well.

Emotional Balancing oils for aggression often include:  Surrender, Release, Transformation, Joy, or other selection based on animal history.

Aggression of any degree in your pet should be evaluated and trained under supervision of a professional dog trainer, behaviorist, or animal practitioner.    Do not put yourself or other at risk with an aggressive animal.


If you would like a consultation on Aggression with your Dog, Nutrition and essential oils, I can do that with you.   Visit my dog training page for more information & an inquiry form.    And my training programs now have an option to include Essential Oils in their package.



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