Essential Oils For Dog Health

Essential Oils for Dog Health

essnetial oils dog health

I’m not a vet, nor do I claim to be an expert in healthcare.   But, I have seen a lot of dogs.   Talked to a lot of people.  And I have seen some amazing results.   I’m a believer!

I don’t think essential oils replaces veterinary healthcare.  Far from it.   But I do believe their is a place for both.   Although, I think some traditional veterinarians think it’s a bunch of hooey.    Seek out a holistic vet if you’re dog has issues that may be candidates for this treatment.

In our kennel, here are some to the experiences we have had and the oils we know work.

Thieves Cleaning Products  & Thieves Oils.   It just helps keep things clean, disinfected, and helps mitigate the spread of germs.  You can use these in your home as well.

RC  – RC stands for respiratory conditions.   We had a dog in kennel in the summer that we weren’t sure if he had some strain of Kennel Cough or had just ingested water during swimming.   But he was coughing and I wasn’t taking any chances with other dogs around him.   So we diffused RC in our keen for days, just to be safe.   My assistant was coughing at work the other day and we treated her too — it went away!

Oregano:  You’re seeing the commercials now of chickens being raised antibiotic-free, right?     There are still treating the chickens, but with Oregano.  It works for your dogs too!!

Panaway – aids in reduction of pain and inflammation.   We’ve used it many times with dogs who have played hard, worked hard, or are know to have joint issues when they come to us for training.

Purification:   things there is some funk going around your house or your dog room?   Does your dog have a fungal wound or insect bite?  Or does the place just start to smell like dog.   This one eliminates smells and will help with external parasites, cuts, and upper respiratory infections.

Trauma Life:  Such a good one.  I’d like to wish you never need this one.  But we all do at some point.   Injuries, pain, surgical procedures.

Have an issue or question?   There’s an oil for that, most likely.   Essential Oil treatment for dogs have been used to support many things.  Allergies, Arthritis, Liver Disease, CardioMyopathy, Caprophagia, Skin Infections, Worms, Giardia, and many many more.   In some cases cancer and seizures have had positive supporting effects when essential oils are incorporated for your dog.  If you’re like me — I’ll do anything for their health and well-being.

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Again, there is no replacement for veterinary care…. but you can bet if my dogs are sick, I’m going to explore every option available to me for treatments, including and especially holistic support.

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