Ecollar Dog Training

Modern E-collar Dog Training

Have you considered it ?

Modern ecollar  dog training is nothing like it was in the past and produces some amazing results with not only challenging dogs, but also happy go lucky dogs who enjoy freedom of not being tethered to a leash outside!

Ecollar Dog Training - Personal Dogs
Ecollar Dog Training – Personal Dogs

All 4 of my dogs have been trained on it — even Diva Lexie, who doesn’t need it all for behavior, but I wanted to see how a sensitive dog would respond.   I used it on the Weenie Dogs as a test for small dogs and to give them off leash freedom outdoors.  And of course, I attribute it to saving Vinnie’s life as a behavioral case when he came into rescue.

Ecollar Dog Training

We use top-of-the-line remote collar systems   These collars have a refinement range of over 100+ levels.  This enables us to really tune our program so that each dog is using the lowest level possible for communication. We find the e-collar to be more the most effective, consistent means of communication and is far less physical than anything you might do with a leash, collar, physical touch, verbal harshness, etc.

Like any training tool, including your voice or body, tools can be misused. However, our training system uses this tool in the most gentle and humane way possible. Ecollar  dog training opens up a new line of communication and trust with your dog.

It is widely misunderstood that a fearful dog is not a candidate for using the collar. The fact is, modern ECollar dog training is the best training for dogs with these types of issues. Our ECollar training system is designed to create more confident, relaxed, and comfortable dogs. technologies has designed collars, stimulation levels, and now even the box size specifically for small dogs. Again, with small dogs, a tap on the collar is far less stressful on the body than leash pressure work. Ecollar dog training allows you tune to the unique, low-level, e-collar pressure needed to communicate with your dog, in a gentle, less physically taxing way.

Don’t let any one fool you — many dogs are excited to see the collars come out because it means fun outings are about to take place.

Yes, of course we use them at correction levels when needed. I’d much rather correct your dog for inappropriate and potentially dangerous behaviors, such that these behaviors are eliminated than to continue the risk, struggle with training day after day, and give him communications that are not clear and not consistent. E-collar training will be your most reliable way to build recall  and reliable off-leash communication between you and your pup.

Can My Puppy Wear an Ecollar?

I start puppies on ecollar training between 5-6 months of age, depending on temperament and maturity of dog.

It is not a requirement in our training program that all dogs use an e-collar.  For some, it will be recommended and for others it may be a requirement for us to take the case. Much of it will depend on the issue, the dog, the owner, and the goals for training. We are happy to discuss this in detail with you.