Dog Essential Oils Beyond Lavender

Dog Essential Oils Beyond Lavender for Emotional Support

Dog Essential Oils?  Yes!  When I mention essential oils to folks, they always say oh yes, we use Lavender.   Now, don’t get me wrong, but Lavender is the tip of the iceberg.  It’s effective for some things, but there are so many other oils with benefits you may never have expected.

Dog Essential Oils Lavender

Let’s look at a few I use in the training kennel and in my home

Harmony:   is a blend of several oils that are ideal to help introduce a new dog to your pack.  it should be applied to all the dogs in the pack for several days.    It can be used when there is discord or stress between members of the pack.   It’s often brewing in our kennel with new arrivals!    It even has usage when dogs are soiling in your home — after all you’re a member of the pack too!

Acceptance:   is another great one for my foster homes and new adopters.  The name speaks for itself relative to accepting your surroundings and members of the pack.

Surrender:    I love this one, as its often good for the humans too.  To let go of what you think your dog should be or should have been.    For the dog, it’s about letting go of attitude that leads to aggression in the pack, bratty, in-charge type behaviors, etc.

Trauma Life:  one of my favorites for dogs that have been through some level significant stress.   Rehoming, surgery, abuse, pain or injury.

Peace & Calming:  anxiety, stress, car rides, boarding, new environments.   This one is a staple around here in our diffuser.

Valor:  Confidence, Courage, insecurity and sense of calm.

And bonus — they are all good for you too!!!

These are just a few to get you started.   If you need help with specific issues or questions — join us on our FB page to ask

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Next time we’ll share more thoughts with you on some of the other oils for medicinal purposes, cleaning our kennel and more!

If you also have cats in your household, be sure to verify the oils you’re using are safe around your cat.   Dogs and cats respond very differently to essential oils and some are not safe for cats!

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Reference:  Animal Desk Reference, Melissa Sheldon, DVM