Dog Essential Oils : Flea Repellant

Keep Fleas Away with Essential Oils!

You know we’re big fans of essential oils around here.   And some of my favorites are around insect repellants and keeping free-riders (fleas and ticks) off the dogs.

Cedarwood Oil:  We spray our yards with Cedarwood Oil just about every other day in the summer, since it also helps with the smell of us having so many dogs.    You could probably get away with once or twice a month!    Now I confess, I buy a big volume of this from the lawn and garden department on     See our shopping site

essential oils fleas

When I’m using it for a direct application on the dogs, then I use the higher quality Young Living Products.

Citronella:  is another great oil to include in repellant sprays.  It can also be used in cases of ear mites, mange, and other insects.

Lavender Oil: one more great gentle oil for direct application to the dog.   Who knew?   Fleas don’t like lavender.    Isn’t it interesting how nature works!

Lemon Grass Oil:   this is one of my favorites, just because it smells wonderful.   But it can also be a nice one for your repellant recipe.

So spray your yard!  And then get a little spray bottle and put one or two drops of the oils above you like and spritz Fido periodically to keep the fleas away.

And surprise!!! It keeps bugs away from you too!

If your dog, house, or clothes have been infested with fleas — there are natural ways to treat  it too.

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