10 Halloween Safety for Tips for Dogs and Kids

huey_cowHalloween Safety tips for Dogs

You’re getting the house decorated and picking out costumes for the kids.  You’ve bought a ton of candy for all the little ghost and goblins that will ring your doorbell on All Hallow’s Eve.

Have you thought about what you’re going to do with your dog?   Especially if this is his first year experiencing Halloween with your family. Here are some things to keep in mind

  1. No chocolate or candy treats.  Keep them out of reach!
  2. Protect your dog from scary tricksters in costume and possible bolting out the front door by crating them with a nice chew toy in another room.
  3. Consider greeting tricksters on your front porch instead of having them ring the doorbell. We all know what a ruckus that can be!
  4. Don’t have Fido outside with you even on a leash.   Costumes can be randomly scary and kids unpredictable. Dog’s who have never shown issues before might under these circumstances — and you will be distracted with the kids fun.
  5. Prepare for a possible escape — make sure your dog is wearing ID tags and is microchipped
  6. If you must dress Fido up for Halloween, be sure to acclimate him to the costume long before the big event.  Be sure it doesn’t hinder his ability to see or walk. Remember he’s going to look strange and he may even be feeling awkward to other dogs so greetings may not go well!
Halloween Safety
Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety for Kids and Dogs

  1. Avoid houses if you can hear dogs barking behind a door or if the dog is tied in the back yard or barking behind a fence. They can find ways to escape under arousal
  2. Never approach a dog when you are wearing a costume.  It may scare him, even if you know him.
  3. If a dog escapes the door or fence while you are getting treats — stand completely still with your hands folded in front of you and your eyes looking at the ground (Be A Tree!).   Wait for an adult to come help you…. even if he gets your candy!
  4. If you meet a loose dog on the street — don’t approach him, don’t run & don’t squeal! Stand still and wait for an adult to help you.


We take Halloween Safety for Dogs and Kids seriously.   Please review with your friends and family.


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