Dog Training & Wellness Blog by The K9 Coach — Serving the Carolinas

Dog Training and Wellness Blog by The K9 Coach — Serving the Carolinas

You’re looking for answers.   I have them.  Need a little  hope.   I can help you.    Want to be part of a community.   That’s here too.   Welcome to The K9 Coach Dog Training and Wellness Blog.

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This is not a traditional blog.  It’s not storytelling in the traditional sense, but it is full of experience, opinions, guidance, and ideas focused on dog training AND wellness, because I see them hand in hand.  You may be amazed at how this topics are intertwined.

The primary scope of this blog is to help you begin changing the relationship you have with your dog to one of structure and leadership, and positive influence on his or her behavior — and your own.

It is also about nutrition and wellness, which should be a priority to all of us.  I’m going to help educate your on things you may never have considered.   But you see, I can no longer separate out behavior issues from wellness issues because I have seen far to many amazing results in both categories when we focus on both.

I understand your needs and you concerns — and your budget

You’re busy.  Family.  Kids.  Work. Bills to pay.   And yet, there is the furry, bright-eyed, 4-legged critter at your feet who really wants nothing more than to love you and be loved.   He just may not know how to do that for you.   Yet.  You’re going to have to show him.  And we can show you how.

Dogs were domesticated to be partners to humans – to be your companion & friend.  Your dog is here to provide some service to the human race.   Even if it’s only love.  It’s usually so much more than that.

The tricky part is how do you help your dog reach that potential.   True Service dogs are trained for a minimum of 18 months in most cases!  That’s a long time.  And that thought overwhelms you when working with the average family dog.  It doesn’t have to. 

Let’s Start Off Right

If we can begin with a young puppy — you can raise that puppy into a fantastic adult dog with good manners, obedience & listening skills, and a lot of fun.   But even that isn’t always easy.  Sometimes it’s frustrating and tiresome.  Many people want to  or actually do give up. Please don’t. 


Let’s Support The Dog You Have Today

All of us are trying to do good in the community by adopting a homeless pet in a rescue, given to us by a friend or family member falling on hard times, or even taking in a stray.   Your heart in is the right place and your home is a good one for any dog.   Many of these dogs didn’t begin their lives being nurtured as a puppy into the balanced adult dog.   They often have issues with behavior, being removed from the litter too early, pediatric spay/neuter, unknown nutritional factors, vaccinations, etc. 

No matter where your dog is in life, there are benefits to feeding him the best nutrition you can, reducing the harsh chemical load we place on them (and ourselves), and I can show you ways through this dog training and wellness blog to support your pet through every life stage.

People want the companionship and loyalty of a dog.   A dog can fulfill your life in many ways. 

If and only if you know how to teach them to be that for you.  Your home.  Your lifestyle.  Your needs.   We can help!!!

This dog training and wellness blog exists because I want to give you as much information as I can.  I do this because I care.   Because I want dogs and families to be good together. 

Read.  Learn.   Ask Questions.   We can help you help your dog.

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Dog Training Blog






Need help?  Ask questions.  Sign-up for Consults, Workshops, or Training Programs.   We have solutions for you. 

Any dog.  Any breed.  Any problem.   Any one wanting to do the right thing for their dog.

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Reading a blog or watching a dog training video and applying the techniques to your own dog is done at your own risk.  All dogs and handlers are unique.  Situations and circumstances may vary for you. 

Dog Training Blog

 Information in this blog or other K9 Coach content is for general information only and may not directly apply to your dog.  Consult a professional for specific questions and dog training needs — especially where aggression or behavioral problems are present.    Dana Brigman 


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